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Story Of My Life

I am Wardah Fauziyah. I am twenty years old. I study in Gunadarma University. In my university, i  study everything about knowledge, friendship, teamwork, and so on. I am very happy. I have many bestfriend. They are lestari, dina, muthia, risa, dea, rahma, dinda, rindy, eva, and farah. They are good friend, funny, and clever. We always study, discussion about life and playing together. We have a dream. Our dream is to be a succes woman.

By the way, i am from a big family. I have 3 brother but i don't have sister. My mother is the best mother to me. She always give me support, money, and everything i need. My mother is the best chef in my family.  Every morning, my mother cooking breakfast to me. I love my mother very much. My father is good father. He always working to  family. He always support my study. He like gardening in the yard. He planted mango tree, orange tree, and some ornamental plants. He is responsible and kind. My brother's name is sihab, sarif and fuad. They are a good brother. They had been merried. They are kind to me.

I love my life. In my university, i have part time. I working in Further Accounting Lab A. My job is teaching. I am happy in this job. I enjoy the work. I get valuable experience. My family and my friend always support me in my work.

I am a blogger. My hobby is writing. According to me,  Writing is not just a hobby, but a necessity. I write my story, knowledge, and life in this blog. I like my blog very much. I want to make this blog to be very popular blog. This blog can make me happy .  Blog teach a lot of things. Actually:
"The more we learn, the more we will realize a lot of things we do not know."

This is Story Of My Life. 
Thanks for coming my blog. See you next time.. :)


Nama : Wardah Fauziyah
NPM  : 28210458



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