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Effect From Drugs

Every body know about what is drugs and about negative effect from consume the drugs. But, many people still be customer of drugs. They only think about positive effect from drugs and don’t care about negative effect although they know. 

Some teens who be customer of drugs, believe that drugs can help they to think better, be more popular, stay more active, or became better athletes. And more teens consume drugs because they are depressed and they think drugs can help them to escape their problems. According to me, drugs maybe can help them to escape their problems, but drugs can’t solve their problems instead drugs can make a new problems. 

Negative effect of drugs that depend on the type of drugs consumed. The type of drugs is like Cocaine, Ecstasy, Heroin, tobacco, Marijuana and so on. Drugs can damage human health, both physical users, emotion, and behavior. Drugs can make users sleep, hallucinating, was also addicted to consume continuously, lower academic achievement, and other negative effect. 

Many people consume drugs at the first time because someone tried to convince them that drugs would make them feel good if they took drugs. So, they try to consume drugs for know how taste from drugs and to know what drugs can make they feel good. And then, they be customer of drugs because drugs can make addiction effect. And if they consume more drugs or overdoses, they can died. And if we are costumer of drugs and we want to stop consume drugs but we can’t, we should go to drugs rehabilitation place. 

So, say no to drugs. Because drugs is dangerous for us. Many people die from taking drugs. And if we consume drugs, we can make our parents, our family and our friend sad looking what we do.

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